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Roberto Matta

Chilean-born artist Roberto Matta was an international figure whose worldview represented a synthesis of European, American and Latin American cultures. As a member of the Surrealist movement and an early mentor to several Abstract Expressionists, Matta broke with both groups to pursue a highly personal artistic vision. His mature work blended abstraction, figuration and multi-dimensional spaces into complex, cosmic landscapes. Matta's long and prolific career was defined by a strong social conscience and an intense exploration of the his internal and external worlds.

From Matta's "psychological morphology"

A symbolic congruence of the Euclidian space. The object located in a given moment-point of this medium intercepts the pulsations which are proposing transformations according to an infinity of directions. It is located at the impact point between this encounter and each transformation. The infinity of the chances of interpenetrations missed by the object increases the intensity of the further pulsations during all the time the object will follow this morphological direction.
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